AMD Lone Star Campus

(with GSC Architects*)

The new Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) campus consists of four office buildings, three parking garages and a multi-purpose center located on 59 acres in Southwest Austin. The buildings provide flexibility for the company’s continually evolving needs and create a sense of place by breaking down the scale, creating open, loft-like spaces and encouraging interaction and flow of people through the 875,000 square foot campus. Exterior walkways follow the contours of the sloping site and buildings are arranged to accommodate the site’s shifting topography and ecology. The campus has achieved a LEED Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council, and one of the most notable strategies is the approach to rainwater collection and storage. Over 1.5 million gallons of harvested rainwater supplies irrigation water for the native landscape.

*For three years, Katheryn served as project manager on the project for GSC Architects.